About C.P. Morgan

C.P. Morgan is an award-winning author, writing mentor and speaker residing in NW Ohio.

She has published works in two series, including The Kingdoms of Chartile (YA Epic Fantasy under the name Cassandra Morgan) and The Silver Fox Mysteries (Magical Cozy Mystery). Her story, The Witch of Eisenwald Forest, was  published in the Dreams of Darkness anthology by Dragon Storm Press. Her most recent work, Damsel in (Social) Distance, is a sweet, quarantine romance.

Cassie has traveled throughout the USA speaking at conferences and conventions about writing, publishing and marketing, and has had the pleasure of working with Mary Robinette Kowal, Amal El-Mohtar, Mary Ann Mohanraj, and Jim Hines.

When she’s not rescuing orphan kittens or voice acting for villainous purple mermaids, Cassandra can be found creating worlds of magic, suspense and friendship.

A lover of doughnuts and a self-proclaimed Coffee Connoisseur, Cassandra Morgan hails from a family of writers, authors and journalists. Writing is literally in her German-English-Belgian blood (though we’re not sure which one to blame).

She lives in NW Ohio with her hubby, six su-purr-lative felines, and any number of foster kittens.