About C.P. Morgan

Greetings, Agents!
My name is C. P. Morgan. I am the amanuensis of sorts around the Fox’s Den. My mission is to record the cases, specifically of those concerning Agent Fanny Fennec, though she prefers to use her legal name instead of her alias.

Believe it or not, Dorothy is very much like my own grandmothers, Jackie and Shirley. I’ll admit to taking some creative liberties when telling her stories that may have been inspired by stories I heard of my grandmothers growing up.

What makes Dorothy’s cases so unique is that each one seems to have some connection to cat myth and lore from around the world. This is one reason Solomon, her faithful feline companion, seems to make such a great sidekick for her – even if he does have that catnip addiction. We’re working on it.

Coincidentally, I have five cats of my own at home in good, ole NW Ohio. Some of them I even show with the International Cat Association. I think this is why Destin assigned me to write about Dorothy. Between her being so like my grandmothers and our shared love of cats, it just made sense. I also write YA Fantasy under the name Cassandra Morgan. You can check out my website HERE to learn more about my books!

Now, if you’re new around here, there’s something you should know. But don’t mention it to Destin. There’s something odd going on, and no, I don’t mean the magical artifacts that our Foxes are charged with obtaining and neutralizing. No, there’s something that Destin isn’t telling us, and its starting to affect the agents around here. Like any good spy, watch your back and trust no one.

Happy Reading!

~ Cassie

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