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Raves, Reviews and Testimonials for The Silver Fox Mysteries

Dorothy Claes is a delightful heroine, more than capable of kicking butt (she’s mastered jiu-jitsu as well as the art of being blunt) but much more interested in solving a mystery using her smarts, her contacts in the world of antiquity academia, and her instincts for finding goodhearted people to help her. – Megan Barnhard (Author, Editor, Writing Coach)

I love love love this book !! It shows that no matter what our age we are never to old for an adventure and/or a new career. If you love action, laughter and a little mischief then I suggest you give this book a try, you won’t be disappointed – Lori Brickey

Great cozy spy mystery with a dash of world history and folklore! I don’t typically read this genre of books, but the author made the historical aspects easy to follow and understand. It was fun to learn about these things while enjoying the story. The storyline itself was interesting and kept my attention. – Jenn (Goodreads Reviewer)

This was a great, relaxing story! The authors writing style pulls you straight into the story and she keeps you guessing right to the end. If you’re looking for a quick, great read, this is it! – Carol M. Vaughn (Author, Educator, Writing Coach)

Let me preface this review with the following: I am not really a mystery reader. It’s outside of my typical reading comfort zone. I read the first book, Dorothy Claes and the Prisoner of Themeni, on a friend’s recommendation, and fell in love with both Dorothy and Solomon. I am a sucker for well written, well-developed characters. This book satisfies my need as a reader in every way. The book progresses Dorothy into a new case and leaves beautiful little plot tidbits for future development. I love the way Solomon is developed in this book. I cannot wait for the next Silver Fox mystery! – Sandra (Amazon Reviewer)