The Witch of Eisenwald Forest

Short Story in Dreams of Darkness Anthology

Not all fairytales have a happily ever after.

Dragon Storm Press presents an anthology of dark fairytales by some of today’s best fantasy authors. Full of magic, betrayal, curses, and dark deeds, these stories will take you on a fantastical journey.

THE WITCH OF EISENWALD FOREST by Cassandra Morgan – The past holds secrets darker than Hansel and Gretel could ever imagine.

Forest dark and forest deep,
Forest doth thy secret keep.
Forest that they turned upon,
Forest without love so long.

Three times knock upon thy chest,
When moon is waned and ravens nest.
Three times cross the sign of God,
When townsmen show their face a fraud.

Three times spit upon the graves,
For deserters that they God won’t save.
Three times is the time for luck,
When children play and run amuck.

Three times is the sum of sin,
When neighbors turn upon their kin.
Three times you shall be betrayed,
And fall before the dealthy shade.