The Kingdoms of Chartile

In a land torn asunder by forbidden magic,
four friends hold the key to saving the realm
… or destroying it.

The Kingdoms of Chartile are more divided than ever,
and only one boy has the power
to finish the prophecy his father began.

Raves, Reviews and Testimonials for The Kingdoms of Chartile

Wow. This story was epic! I absolutely loved this story! I honestly can’t speak highly enough of this book. – Blaire Hammond

The worldbuilding is amazing and totally immersing. You can really envision Chartile as it is described and can clearly see each individual setting.Tiffany, (GoodReads Reviewer)

This novel was entertaining from the beginning — Definitely a fun, fantastical read for Young Adults. – Sissy Lu (Book Savvy Reviews) 

There’s a stereotype about sequels, that they are never as good as their predecessor. I have to say, after reading Magic, that this is not always true. Magic is one of the few books I know of for the sequel to be even better than the first. Overall – simply amazing. Definitely recommend for anyone who loves fantasy and adventure.Tiffany (GoodReads Reviewer)

I absolutely loved Magic! – Emily (GoodReads Reviewer)

I cannot for the life of me call this book enchanting, though the use of magic is a physical but despised, even feared abiliity in Chartile. An ability still shunned and vilified.
No, this book is instead a riveting account of a boy struggling with his inner uncertainties and fears in a world expecting so much of him. In fact, a world of prejudice as well as valour, often in the strangest of places. It is a moving account of innocense and expectations, life, loyalty and betrayal. And keeping the little flame of hope burning against all odds.
I do not think Cassandra Morgan could ever have foreseen how big an adult fantasy story this book would turn out to be. It certainly touched me deeply. As it will you. Enjoy. – Manie Kilian

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